Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A scultpure previews a design with no creases

Automotive Design 2 Feb 2017
Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A scultpure previews a design with no creases

The latest design sculpture by Mercedes-Benz previews the upcoming next generation A-Class and anticipates the evolution of the brand’s design language.

Following the series of design sculptures presented from 2010 to 2012, the new “Aesthetics A” sculpture marks an important change in the design direction of the brand.

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A Design Sculpture

Using the bold statements “The days of creases are over”, Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener has revealed the company’s plans to evolve its design by removing all the creases and features that were introduced on all recent models in order to make the brand “younger”.

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A Design Sculpture

The first new model to be developed with this philosophy will be the upcoming next generation A-Class (in sedan body style).

Instead of using lines and creases, the car’s proportions and volumes will be emphasized through the use of sweeping surfaces at angles to each other that will contour the body with light and shadow.

Below we report the full press release.

From the official Press Release:

The designers at Mercedes-Benz are reconciling tradition and modernity in designing the cars for the future. Their work centres on ‘Sensual Purity’ as an expression of modern luxury. In applying this design philosophy, Mercedes-Benz sparked a transformation in design with the current A Class, launched in 2012.


The new design idiom featuring edges and creases – indentations and recesses in the sheet metal – aimed to create clear forms and sensual surfaces which showcase high tech while also arousing emotions. This played a decisive role in making the brand younger and was key to the company’s excellent sales results. Every Mercedes-Benz model that followed since was born from this philosophy despite having an individual character.


With the “Aesthetics A” sculpture, the design team now presents the vision of a saloon car in the compact car segment which is stripped down to the essential body. It also provides a clear indication of how the design philosophy of ‘Sensual Purity’ will be manifested in the not too distant future. The “Aesthetics A” sculpture embodies the advancement of the Mercedes-Benz design idiom.

“Form and body are what remain when creases and lines are reduced to the extreme. We have the courage to implement this purism”, says Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG, Gorden Wagener.

“In combination with perfect proportions and sensual surface design, the upcoming generation of the compact class has the potential to herald a new design era. Design is also the art of omission: the days of creases are over”.

Rather than modifying the basic shape with lines and creases, the Mercedes-Benz designers employ sweeping surfaces at angles to each other to contour the body design with light and shadow and to emphasize the proportions. This makes the essence of a body visible and communicates it in a credible way. The expressive and confident red as a new signature Mercedes-Benz colour underscores the sensuality and emotion of the sculpture.

“Aesthetics A” has a three-box design and is thus also a sign of new forms in the compact class, because outside of Germany and Europe classic saloons are also very much in demand in this segment.

The “Aesthetics A” sculpture is a continuation of a series of sculptures from Mercedes-Benz which to date comprises the works “Aesthetics No. 1” (2010), “Aesthetics No. 2”, “Aesthetics 125” (both 2011) and “Aesthetics S” (2012).

(Source: Mercedes-Benz)

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Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A scultpure previews a design with no creases - Image 2
Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A scultpure previews a design with no creases - Image 1
Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics A scultpure previews a design with no creases - Image 3

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