Low-Cost Carbon Fiber Production

Microwave Assisted Plasma (MAP) Manufacturing of Carbon Fibers

Computer-aided design of structural parts from short fiber reinforced composites

Building the future

Hypercar Inc. (Basalt, CO) is not an automobile manufacturing company. Yet the people there want to transform the capital-intensive industry by developing a better way to make cars. The small advanced technology development company has put together what by automotive industry standards is a microscopic team of seven engineers tasked with finding a better way […]

Latest automobile applications in SMC, BMC and TMC

Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) – From Space to Earth

Advances in SMC/BMC Automotive Applications – PRESENTATION

Advances in SMC/BMC Automotive Applications – PAPER

All Thermoplastic Lightweight Structural Rear-Seat-Back

Durability of Carbon-Fiber Composites

Modeling of Composite Preform Manufacturing

SP Systems Guide to Composites

Agricultural Fibres for Product Design & Development

Glossary: Terms being used in the SMC/BMC-Industry

Dodge shines at SPE awards program

Future of Automotive Body Materials: Steel, Aluminum & Polymer Composites

Plastics – A Material of Choice in the Automotive Industry

Plastics – A Material of Choice in the Automotive Industry


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