Opel GTC Paris Concept: new images

Concept Cars 28 Sep 2010
Opel GTC Paris Concept: new images

Opel has released new images and information of the GTC Paris Concept, set to debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The set includes design sketches, new exterior shots and images of the sporty interior.

From the official Press Release:

Exterior Design

Opel GTC Paris Concept Design SketchIn profile, the designers have maximized drama by limiting the amount of lines: three strong lines create tension and provide a sculpted shape.

The Opel signature blade is introduced in the same direction as first seen in the Insignia – a fine, crisp line that sweeps upward from the rocker at the beginning of the front door.

A second line encapsulates the door handle and sweeps to the rear, emphasizing the vehicle’s dramatic stance by spreading the surfaces to a fine undercut and a broad shoulder.

The third line following the silhouette of the roof is finished in finely brushed aluminum accentuating the window graphic, which guides the eye to the sharply accented integrated spoiler.

Opel GTC Paris Concept Design SketchThe shoulder section is the most dramatic area of the Opel GTC Paris.

The broadest point pulls down to a wide athletic “bulldog stance,” giving the car a very purposeful road presence.

The line from the C-pillar slides into the tail and curls around into the rear spoiler, which is ingeniously integrated into the continuing roof line.

The clean frontal styling features Opel’s typical centerline crease.

It is further accented by intense, very slim eagle-eye shaped headlamps acting as parenthesis between the refined chrome emblem bar and the dramatic low trapezoidal grill which hints at its sporty character.


Opel typical wing-shaped signature LED daytime running lights get a new twist with finely sculptured chrome jewels that are seen easily behind clear glass. The trapezoidal grille is recognizably Opel, but separate from the chrome bar and placed lower, for a race track feel.

Opel GTC Paris ConceptOpel GTC Paris Concept Opel GTC Paris Concept

The wide stance is accentuated in the rear, where the proportion of the vehicle is most imposing due to the powerful shoulder design. This is further enhanced with the LED taillights and one long stretched “wing” motif, which make the new Opel vehicles distinguishable at night.

The aerodynamics of the dynamic 21-inch wheels is optimized with carbon-fiber inserts which enclose the center caps.

Interior Design

Opel GTC Paris Concept InteriorEchoing the flowing, sculpted forms of the bodywork, the hallmarks of the GTC Paris interior are sweeping lines and shapes as well as the bold use of fabric.

The interior is driver-focused, with a positive/negative use of color:

Whereas the driver’s seat is red with black trim, all other components in the interior are outfitted in a charcoal black with red stitching.

The car’s inspiration, a quote from Richard Bach’s novel, Jonathon Livingstone Seagull is laser-etched in calligraphy script into the seat … “and the speed was pure beauty.”

Opel GTC Paris Concept InteriorSporty, bucket front seats have been specially designed for the GTC Paris.

Their aggressively shaped contours and graphics perfectly compliment the overall dynamic spirit of the car are outlined in titanium and filled in with black netting, repeating a design cue seen on the carbon fiber inserts on the wheels.

The small black leather racing steering wheel features metal inserts.

On the dashboard, the interior continues Opel’s recurring “wing” and “blade” motifs. In this execution, the blade theme is expressed in details like the shape of the polished chrome door grab handles and the trim for gearshift molding.

The wing design cue is immediately evident in the warm, inviting wraparound instrument panel that embraces front seat occupants. It arcs across the cabin into the top of the door moldings.

The Opel design team used leather and micro-fibers for the seats, plush carpeting on the flooring, and a textured black instrument panel. These classic materials have a contemporary twist, not only in the choice of hues but also in the positive/negative stitching.

Technical Features

The GTC Paris is powered by a 290 hp 2.0 liter, twin-scroll turbo-charged four-cylinder engine with direct injection, Start/Stop technology and equipped with a six-speed manual transmission.

The chassis has a special design with an extra-wide stance for best possible performance and handling. In addition to the front limited slip differential, it has a compound crank with an Watt’s Link in the rear, and a new execution of the adaptive mechatronic FlexRide suspension.

(Source: Opel)

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