The Secret World of Printing Concept Cars in 3-D

by: Keith Barry 23 Feb 2011 | 51 views
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The Secret World of Printing Concept Cars in 3-D
WIRED Magazine, 16 February 2011.


The work that goes into building a physical model of a concept car is usually hidden behind closed doors, known only to engineers sworn to secrecy and similarly tight-lipped subcontractors.

Ask anyone involved exactly which companies use 3-D printing technology to create concepts and the answer will invariably be, “many of them.”

One company, however, has opened up its secret vault. Remember the Citroën Hypnos? We took great delight in teasing the automaker for their outlandish interior, but never imagined it could actually be built. Of course 3-D printing service I.materialise proved us wrong by printing up some pod-like seats one can actually rest in — if you dare. The same goes for the futuristic interior of the Renault Ondelios, another I.materialise creation.

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