Detroit Motors Competition

Detroit Motors Competition

Local Motors has announced its Detroit Motor Competition, which asks designers to create a vehicle targeted to the Detroit-based entrepreneurs who will revitalize the Motor City. The submission deadline is next 5th May 2009.

The Brief:

Design a vehicle for the visionaries and entrepreneurs who will revitalize Detroit: […] Small businesses like bakers, builders and mechanics. Creative entrepreneurs like designers, musicians and painters.  As Detroiters use their ingenuity and creativity to create new enterprise, Detroit will reinvent itself and flourish once again.”

Competition begins on Wednesday, April 29th.  The submission deadline is Tuesday, May 5th.

The first three winners will receive $1,500USD, $300 and $200 respectively. For more information on the Detroit Motors Competition visit Local Motors.


GM Headquarters In Detroit"Detroit has encountered more difficult challenges in the past than the current recession.  For instance, shortly after the city was founded, Detroit burned to the ground – almost the entire city!  Then, the Great Depression left thousands in the Motor City out of work.  Detroit is a city of survivors. 

"The people moved forward and pressed on.  During the Great Depression 11,000 Michiganders joined the Civil Conservation Corp to plant new trees, clear roads and beautify the state. 

"Not only that, but since almost everything, including cars, was built out of wood at that time, the Civil Conservation Corp helped to plan for the post-Depression resurgence of industry."

"How can we now support the necessary economic resurgence?  By reminding Detroiters of their extraordinary abilities; by reminding Detroiters of all that they have accomplished so far; and by reminding Detroiters that they have the tools and the talent to revitalize."

About Local Motors’ Competitions

The purpose of these competitions is to inspire designers and car enthusiasts to “Think Local”, and design for customers in local regions. So far one design has been developed in the open community forum: the Rally Fighter by Sangho Kim, that will be available for purchase this summer, 2009. 

(Source: Local Motors)

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