Bella Mangusta – a design book by former GM designer Dick Ruzzin

Automotive Design 10 Oct 2016
Bella Mangusta – a design book by former GM designer Dick Ruzzin

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its launch in 1966, “Bella Mangusta” is a detailed story and description of the iconic car designed in 1966 by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The author of “Bella Mangusta” is Dick Ruzzin, a retired GM designer, and a long-time owner of a special Mangusta – the only one of four hundred and one built with a Corvette engine.

The book, published by Xlibris, includes over 7000 words, 62 images and comments, and aims at offering readers a design education as well as special understanding of this automobile.

bella mangusta book

“My professional experience as a car designer for General Motors Design and my ownership of a Mangusta for so many years gave me a unique insight into it’s creation,” Ruzzin explains.

“This is written to give the reader an understanding of what is so special about the De Tomaso Mangusta.”

Dick Ruzzin presents his own Mangusta, powered by a Corvette engine

“Bella Mangusta” includes 124 pages in 8.5 x 11″ size and is designed to appeal to automobile enthusiasts of all kinds as well as art and design lovers, with large color images and automotive design terms – complete with their definition.

The text is an entertaining and informative description of the design of the car and includes details about its mechanical content and construction.

“Bella Mangusta” is available on Amazon.

Bella Mangusta

Bella Mangusta

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About the Author

Dick Ruzzin is a retired automobile designer who worked as a professional car designer, being involved on over 140 design programs all over the world.

Since retirement, he has written magazine and web articles and also worked to educate others who have not experienced the design process.

(Image Courtesy: Dick Ruzzin for Car Body Design)

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