Audi Cross Coupé quattro

Concept Cars 20 Apr 2007
Audi Cross Coupé quattro

Debuting at the Shangai Motor Show, the Audi Cross Coupé quattro is a compact crossover concept vehicle that shows the latest evolution of the brand’s design language and previews the forthcoming production model.

Audi Cross Coupe quattro - design sketchThe four-seat layout is based on the compact body of the A-class. With a length of 4.38 m, a width of 1.82 m and a
wheelbase of 2.60 m, it is only slightly larger than the A3 Sportback.

The height of 1.60 m (18 centimetres higher than the
Sportback) is typical of an SUV and gives the occupants an upright
seating position.

The silhouette is typical Audi; the design of the study, painted in Liquid Silver, is
reminiscent of the sporty models produced by the Ingolstadt brand. A new element is the fabric folding roof.

Audi Cross Coupe quattroThe Cross Coupé quattro is powered by a transversely installed four-cylinder inline TDI engine with common-rail fuel
injection and piezo injectors.

It delivers a power output
of 204 bhp and 400 Nm of torque, an average fuel consumption of
5.9 litres of diesel per 100 km.

The quattro permanent four-wheel drive system is combined with a Haldex clutch and the sporty S tronic dual-clutch
gearbox, capable of executing gearshifts in few milliseconds.

The suspension system features a McPherson-strut front axle and a four-link rear axle.

Other technical highlights include ceramic brake discs, 20" wheels and a programmable drive select system, with three configurations for the
engine, gearbox, steering and adaptive shock absorbers.

The Cross Coupé quattro will be unveiled by Audi at the At the Shanghai Motor Show (20-28 April 2007).

Audi Cross Coupe quattro Audi Cross Coupe quattro

From the official Press Release:

The design

Audi Cross Coupe quattro - design sketchThe design of the four-door study presents itself as a further step in the evolution
of the current Audi style.

The prominent single-frame radiator grille, the
proportions, with large areas of metal and narrow glazing at the sides, and the
powerful rear end identify the SUV as a relative of the Audi Q7.

The robustlooking
sill area with its colour offset and the heavily embossed dynamic line
above it emphasise the vehicle’s offroad character.

The study, painted in Liquid Silver, has a heavily segmented side area with gently
climbing shoulder line and accentuated horizontal rear end. These elements are
borrowed from the A5 coupé and are essential factors of this model’s

Audi Cross Coupe quattroA typical Audi feature is the roof, gently curved and carried on the
slim A and C pillars, evoking a coupé silhouette. Also typical of a coupé are the
frameless doors with fully retracting windows.

And the short overhangs also help
to make the overall proportions appear so dynamic.

As previously seen on the Audi Shooting Brake study, the trapeze of the large
single-frame grille with its vertical slats gives the front end an emphatically selfassured

Particularly eye-catching are the three-dimensional main
headlights, which incorporate LED technology. The reflector dishes concentrate
the light to form a powerful, uniform beamwith a white tone.

Audi Cross Coupe quattroNaturally, the daytime running lights, which
take the form of a horizontal strip, also employ LED technology. In addition to its
design qualities, this also provides for low level of energy

For the first time, the Audi Cross Coupé quattro employs LED technology for
both headlights and cornering lights. Here, the lens, reflector and beam deflector
are integrated in a single component. LED technology is also used for the mainbeam

Viewed from the rear, the shoulder areas are especially prominent, separating the
side areas from the D pillars. The tailgate embraces both the sides and the

Audi Cross Coupe quattro Audi Cross Coupe quattro

The lights project deeply into both the side panels and the tailgate. The
tailgate hinge is integrated into the roof rails. The tailgate itself opens up to reveal
a wide, easy-to-load opening to the luggage compartment.

Audi Cross Coupe quattroHere you can find the
same multifunctional rail system that has been well proven ever since its debut in
the A6 Avant. The volume of the luggage compartment is 450 litres when loaded
up to the edge of the window.

The rear lights are deeply embedded in the body of the vehicle, underlining the
study’s innovative design. The transparent red covers in a supine U-shape give a
clear view of the LED technology.

The area of the lights is segmented by delicate
fins, indicating the very high degree of precision. Again here, the turn signal
lights form narrow, horizontal strips. The Cross Coupé is instantly recognizable,
even at night

Audi Cross Coupe quattro Audi Cross Coupe quattro

The interior

Audi Cross Coupe quattro - InteriorThe pale basic colour, off
white, generates an impression of quality and a feeling of spaciousness.

addition, clear contrasts between the different materials add to the visual and
haptic surprises.

Seating is provided by individual seats in the front and a rear bench with two fullsize

The complete seating system is upholstered in saddle brown leather.

The cockpit area is heavily inclined towards the driver – typical of a modern Audi.

The controls can be found here, while the front-passenger area is emphatically
neat and architecturally clear-cut. In turn, the dashboard and doors are connected
by flowing lines, while the cockpit itself is succinct and organically integrated.

Audi Cross Coupe quattro - Interior Audi Cross Coupe quattro - Interior

Audi Cross Coupe quattro - InteriorA
new element is the perforated trim strip in the dashboard, linking the centre
console and the front-passenger area.

The perforated surface allows the air-conditioning system to provide indirect, draught-free
ventilation through more than 4,600 holes.

Another innovation is the MMI control panel, which is operated by a touch pad.
The monitor of the system employs, for the first time, dual-view technology. The
system can produce different images for the driver and front-seat passenger. These
images are only visible when viewed from a specific angle.

This allows the driver
to read data from the on-board computer while the front passenger watches a TV
programme, listening to the sound through headphones.

The ambient lighting with numerous light sources gives the
interior a stylish ambience, even at night.

The large fabric folding roof can be opened and closed electrically. It opens up the view from the A
pillar almost as far as the tailgate and across nearly the whole width of the roof.

(Source: Audi)

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