EDAG Solstice Sporwagon Hardtop

Special Cars 12 Dec 2006
EDAG Solstice Sporwagon Hardtop

Germany-based EDAG has unveiled the production version of its Sportwagon Hardtop, based on the Pontiac Solstice. It will be available starting from January 2007.

First presented as a concept vehicle at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show, the Solstice-based Sportwagon by EDAG has now become a production reality.

EDAG Solstice Sportwagon Hardtop

Inspired by the Pontiac Safari station wagons of the 1950s and 60s, the special hardtop created by the design team at EDAG for the Pontiac Solstice gives the original car a completely new appearance and allows for additional stowage space and improved cold weather capability.

The cost for the roof conversion is $2499; reservations can be made through the Solstice Sportwagon Hardtop microsite.


EDAG’s Sportwagon Hardtop is a complete add-on module and contains all functionality including in-glass defroster and a lockable rear hatch to provide access to the trunk space.

During the concept phase of the Hardtop it was EDAG’s intention to follow the basic design language of the Pontiac Solstice so that the original dynamic design continues in the styling of the Sportwagon Hardtop.

EDAG Solstice Sportwagon Hardtop

Darker tinted glass is used for the side and the rear hatch to enhance the rounded and dynamic styling of the hardtop and at the same time provide visual protection for items in the trunk.

The glazing starts at the B-pillar and runs completely around the back from side to side, making the C-pillar invisible.

The rear hatch extends into the roofline to provide a larger opening for improved access to the trunk.

This “2-in-1” concept is achieved with a mountable hardtop utilizing the existing mounting points and bolts of the convertible top at the front header and at the rear deck lid hinge points. Its ease of installation makes it perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or you may choose to have it professionally installed.


  • Light weight, approximately 115 lbs (factory deck lid weighs 42 lbs)
  • RTM molded in gray primer for customer applied finish
  • Available January 2007

(Source: EDAG)

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