CryptoMotors Design Challenge

CryptoMotors Design Challenge

CryptoMotors – a digital, blockchain-powered automaker, has launched a design competition asking designers to create a concept cars for races in a futuristic virtual world.

CryptoMotors was launched as the first digital carmaker, and offers a blockchain-based market of exclusive digital models that are associated with real – albeit virtual – ownership.

CryptoMotors Concept Cars

The company has now launched a design challenge and asked participants to create an extreme virtual racing car based on a futuristic scenario that blends cyberpunk themes, virtual reality and futuristic races.

CryptoMotors Design Challenge

CryptoMotors Design Challenge

The entire design process of the virtual vehicle will be visible publicly. The final design will be modeled in Alias (the project is sponsored by Autodesk).

CryptoMotors Design Challenge

The first deadline for submitting sketches is December 31st, 2018.

The winner will receive a 10% commission of each car sold on the platform, associated to the initial design idea.

For more information visit the challenge official website at, which reports rules and all the details about the scenario, including a musical playlist that sets the mood for the challenge.

(Source: CryptoMotors)

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CryptoMotors Design Challenge - Image 1
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