Chris Bangle on the 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Automotive Design 20 Mar 2012
Chris Bangle on the 2012 Geneva Motor Show

A video interview with Chris Bangle, who comments the cars and the automotive design trends shown at the 2012 Geneva Show. Done by Daniel Tomicic from Scuderia Zagreb.

Chris Bangle defines the latest Geneva Show as “not one of the better ones”. Regarding the concept cars, he has few positive comments on the execution of the Infinity Emerg-E and the Toyota FT-Bh concept cars, and on the homage concept expressed by the Nuccio Concept. Among the production cars – he mentions the Ford B-Max, for the interesting B-pillars-less concept.

Bangle explains that in his opinion this is mainly due to the current economics: “times are tough, people get conservative, they get afraid to be bold and to try something new and unique and you see it in the products. Many of these brands are so mature that they are afraid to move forward […]”.

The video interview was done by automotive journalist Daniel Tomicic, founder of Scuderia Zagreb and among the organizers of the Auto(r) conference.

(via: Car Design Community)

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    sedancars says
    According to me motor shows are bit of a waste of time.As you can see the latest car in your local showroom, or even better on the road.In fact many motor manufacturers now don’t bother with the expense of these shows.
    Classic cars shows are good though.
    See some real cars here

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