Designing a Rebel – Breaking barriers with the all-new Juke

24 Nov 2010 | 44 views
Year: 2010 | Document Type: report | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Designing a Rebel
Nissan Newsletter Vol.14 - November 2010.


How forward-thinking design and functionality came together to make a remarkable car.

Probably the greatest challenge facing automotive designers these days are matching the many safety and other demands within a given vehicle with something that is both aesthetically pleasing and fun to drive – not an easy task. Can one design a car that is both stimulating from a visual point of view while also being safe? Can form follow function?

In today’s world of automotive design, the discipline gets somewhat overshadowed by the myriad constraints governing every make and model of car being made. Is it enough to have a car that simply follows the rules? Is there room to roam, so to speak – and do better, more challenging designs make better cars, which in turn, create deeper relationships with customers?

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