IED Syrma Concept

Concept Cars 3 Mar 2015
IED Syrma Concept

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show Turin IED has unveiled the Syrma Concept, a fullscale study of an extreme sportscar with a 1+2 seating layout and a 900 hp hybrid powertrain.

The Syrma is characterized by extreme proportions, with a length of 4,730mm, a width of 1,980mm, a long wheelbase of 2,790 mm and a height of just 1,155mm.

IED Syrma Concept

The Concept is equipped with a hybrid powertrain that combines a 4 liter V6 engine with an electric motor, for a total output of 900 hp.

IED Syrma Concept - Design Sketch Render

Among the distinctive features is a laser projector that signals the car’s presence when running pure-electric mode via messages and images.

IED Syrma Concept - Design Sketch Render

The seating layout allows maximum visibility to the driver, while the two passengers are cocooned in a teardrop-shaped canopy and an enveloping cockpit.

The Syrma Concept was developed as a final thesis by eleven Master students. Following the initial proposals presented by each student, the idea by Xingwu Li (Cina), primarily focused on the vehicle safety, was selected as starting point for the final concept.

IED Syrma Concept IED Syrma Concept

Among the safety-oriented solutions is the rear-hinged canopy, surrounded by the body panels and with a maximum slope angle of 45°, which improves crash protection while not affecting the driver’s visibility, enhanced by special cameras that eliminate the blind spots.

The fullscale model was built at Moncalieri-based Model Master, a company recently acquired by Cecomp Group, specialized in models and prototypes manufacturing.

IED Syrma Concept

The design team also included the following students from the 2013-2014 Master in Transportation Design: Marshin Bhatt (India); Jacek Chrzanowski (Poland); Gaurav Anand Jagtap (India); Cho-ta Lu (Taiwan); Dror Peleg (Israel); Sunny Gurmukh Ramrakhiani (India); Rahul Surendra Sadwelkar (India); Aldo Hernandez Schurmann (Mexico); Reza Shahla (Iran) e Jingwen Wu (China).

The project was supervised by Luca Borgogno, Lead Designer Pininfarina; Fulvio Fantolino F&F Design Studio and in collaboration with IED instructors Luca Dazzan, Alberto Filosi, Rustom Mazda e Adriano Piovano.

The Syrma was also developed in partnership with Italian magazine Quattroruote, which promoted the project launched a survey in January to select the vehicle’s name.

(Source: IED, Quattroruote via Storie di Auto)

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IED Syrma Concept - Image 5
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IED Syrma Concept - Image 4
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IED Syrma Concept - Image 9
IED Syrma Concept - Image 11

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  1. screamingwing

    We really have reached an age where shock – no awe, is the modus operandi in car styling. It certainly isn’t design – just fashion. Putting this thing in an environment with classical proportions is hilarious. Oh we are breaking the rules we are challenging the norms. No, you are just trying to stand out – which is a lofty ambition. But ugly isn’t lofty. Ugly is ugly.


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