BMW i3: the design (video)

BMW i3: the design (video)

A video interview with Benoit Jacob, Head of Design of the BMW i brand, who gives an overview of the new i3 design.

Check the 10-minute interview with Benoit Jacob below or read more in our original article. Also, make sure you didn’t miss the new BMW Design Sketch Board!

(Source: BMW)


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  1. 5/8/2013

    Clever design. Very nice presentation that answered most of my questions I had in mind.

    • RAL

      Yes. Its like going into a museum and having someone explaining the canvas story behind. One enjoys it twice more.
      Its a thoroughful design, different and must have had lot of work behind. But unfortunately for me,it lacks from having no bmw´s dinamic look and in all, a bit toyish. It could be a Renault. In fact, why must an electric car look…electric?. Sorry but since I love Bms, I feel like needing to critisize this one 😉

      • Hazael Estrada

        I’ve also had that question in mind (why would an electric car look like an electric car?), and i think the answer comes from “form follow function” and “marketing”… it is not a requirement for an electric car to have a grill, at least where combustion engine cars have it, plus many other small changes that we have been used to see in cars, that are not now necessary for electric cars, or the other way, around maybe electric cars need other aesthetic “form follows function” solutions… but, that brings me to the “marketing” point, the consumer is used to see cars with grills, so for a time, maybe a few years, electric cars will still have some “design DNA” from combustion engine cars, until they evolve into they’re own, but also that the customer gets used to the new faces.


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