Harley Earl

Just Who Was Harley Earl?

Mr. Mieczkowski is an associate professor and chair of the History Department at Dowling College on Long Island. “My name’s Harley Earl.” So says the nattily dressed man appearing in the new television advertisements for Buick cars. Buick, the ads proclaim, represents the “Spirit of American Style.” Just who was Harley Earl? He’s certainly not […]

Harley Earl

Harley Earl – GM’s Styling Visionary

GM resurrects legendary Harley Earl to sell Buicks

GM resurrects legendary Harley Earl to sell Buicks

Harley Earl stands in the GM desert proving ground in the early 1950s with three Firebird concept cars. The series has the auto industry’s first design chief returning to take stock in today’s models, such as the Buick Rendezvous, and suggesting that great things are still to come. “The intent of this campaign is to […]


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