Full Circle

by: Aysar Ghassan (editor) 2 Jul 2010 | 27 views
Year: 2010 | Document Type: BOOK | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Full Circle
School of Design, Northumbria University, 2009. ISBN 978 0 9549587 3 2


‘Full Circle’ was inspired by the need to make the 3D Academic Group more accessible to first years and prospective students and to pass on the baton of knowledge and learning to a new generation of three dimensional designers.

In this book, I’ve brought together students, tutors and alumni from the five programmes making up the curriculum so they can pass on their insights and experiences. ‘Full Circle’ is fully illustrated, contains a shared skills section and lots of wonderful student projects. The design professionals have taken the time to feed back on the projects and the featured students have provided tutorials to further inspire those about to embark on the journey.

Through my experience as a Snr Lecturer, I have learnt that many students come into Higher Education having never met a design professional, so I felt it would be incredibly valuable to also include a Q & A section. It can be very helpful to have the experiences and opinions of those who were once students themselves – this is why I have called this book ‘Full Circle’.

(Source: Northumbria University)

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