Interview with Peter Kossev

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Interview with Peter Kossev
Alias Design, December 2009.


Peter Kossev shares his insight and practical knowledge for working with Alias, including his first experience with the program and how it improves conceptual design, sharing, and workflow.

Tell us about yourself, where have you worked before, where are you today and what have you been doing lately?

I worked in Europe before (it is also where I come from) and then a few years in Asia. I have been here in the States for almost a decade now. Had the luck to work with great people in the transportation design/engineering industry (trains and aircrafts) and then in the consumer electronics industry (mainly cell phones and all sorts of portable and not so portable electronic devices).

Have been consulting for the last two years and enjoying it very much. Can give you a long list of companies and projects, but let’s make this article little bit different, let’s talk straight away about the tools, the techniques, the methods, the possibilities. It is what matters the most to the reader.

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