Banal curves leave their traces on auto design

by: Sukhpreet Manchanda 29 Oct 2009 | 805 views
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Banal curves leave their traces on auto design - 28 October 2009.


Cologne, Germany – "Everything was better in the old days." As people get older they tend to glorify the past. Psychologists believe that’s because positive experiences stay longer in our memories than negative, thus making the past seem better than the present.

Car enthusiasts, on the other hand, see that differently. When it comes to the development of automobile design they don’t think it is a mere matter of perception that classic cars such as the Jaguar E Type, Citroen’s DS or the Mercedes SL are better looking and more exciting than their modern counterparts – they believe car design has simply gotten worse.

Professor Paolo Tumminelli of the Goodbrands Institute for Automotive Culture in Cologne, Germany is critical of what he calls "the same old mishmash." He believes that "everything has been said which needs to be said" in auto design.


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