Holden Design Concepts: 1969 – 2004

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Holden Design Concepts: 1969
Holden Ltd, December 2004.


Concept cars characterise everything that is exciting about the creative process in automotive design. They can transform people’s perceptions of what is possible in terms of design and engineering.

Concept cars are a design team’s attempt to put a unique interpretation on current trends and to set new styling benchmarks.

Holden Design strives to pursue a strong philosophy reflecting flexibility, value, innovation, excitement, leadership and passion – strategic values for which Holden is renowned.

In recent years, Holden concept vehicles have also emphasised our design prowess on the world stage. Holden has never before displayed so many landmark concept vehicles, vehicles which have gathered crowds at domestic and international motor shows through the years and which have shaped Holden’s strategic direction.

Among them are forward-looking concepts like the 1970 Torana GTR-X and more recent show-stoppers such as the 1998 Coupe Concept, the Sandman, Cross 8 and SSX that have directly influenced the Holden product portfolio.

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