About: Automotive Design

by: Chris Clements (Ford UK) and Dr Samantha Porter (Loughborough University) 1 Oct 2006 | 9 views
Year: 2006 | Document Type: ARTICLE | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
About: Automotive Design


Automotive design is the consideration of aesthetics during the product development of an automobile. This consideration extends to all areas of the product readily visible to the customer; metal, glass, wheels, lamps, mirrors, grilles, badges and other adornments on the exterior and all visible soft trim; seats, door trims, instrument panel and controls; steering wheel, switches, radio console etc on the automobile interior. It is generally considered to be one of the most powerful contributors towards the branding and marketing of the vehicle.

Compared to other specialisations within the domain of design, and in particular industrial design, automotive design has a particularly strong emphasis on appearance/aesthetic.

(Source: Design Council)

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