Reverse Engineering

Applying 3D Scanning and Modeling in Transport Design Education

Applying 3D Scanning and Modeling in Transport Design Education

Advanced 3D Laser Scanning processes have developed over the last decade and are now available and affordable for medium to large companies as well as education. This study examines the overall efficiency of the 3D scanning process and potential value for use in design education. The potential effectiveness of the 3D laser technology for education […]

Reverse Engineering Firm Lets Freedom Ring by Recreating the Liberty Bell

Companies Use Reverse Engineering to Help Restore Historic Sites

Reverse engineering allows companies to create accurate, 3-D computer models using laser scanners to record the tiniest of details, saving old statues and monuments from the ravages of age and disaster.

Reverse Engineering – A Brief Tutorial

Rapid Generation of Computer Models From Large Objects

The limitations of instrumentation can be overcome through the replication of the human vision process in a computer program that analyzes photos of the objects.

Engineers Must Forward Engineer to Reverse Engineer

A vintage de Havilland Vampire jet fighter was returned to flight capability for display at an air show. In some cases, components were designed to replace originals that had the same appearance, but were made of different materials.

Design, prototype via reverse engineering

Here’s how Brown & Sharpe has integrated this once denigrated practice to benefit its design process.

Designing the Great American Supercar

With the assistance of a measuring system, photogrammetry and optical scanning, Ford was able to greatly reduce its design to manufacturing cycle for the new GT40 concept car.

New Method to Produce Quality Parts Using 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Laser Scanning Reduces Cost of Reverse Engineering

3D Object Scanning to Support Computer-Aided Conceptual Design

3D Object Scanning to Support Computer-Aided Conceptual Design

Reverse Engineering Shapes by Functional Decomposition

Scanning systems for reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering drives down Costs and Lead-Times


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