Finite Element Method (FEM)

CAE frame work for aerodynamic design development of automotive vehicles

CAE frame work for aerodynamic design development of automotive vehicles

Maximizing fuel efficiency of a vehicle is one of the prime areas of focus in the highly competitive automotive industry which requires development of efficient and optimized vehicle designs. External aero analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) techniques is widely used in the accurate estimation of an automotive vehicle’s drag coefficient, often critical in determining […]

Interactive Visualization of Large Finite Element Models

Finite element models used in crash worthiness simulations now contain more than one million mostly quadrilateral elements. Interactive visualization of those models for pre- and postprocessing applications cannot be achieved by brute force rendering of all triangles on even advanced graphics hardware. Well-known mesh simplification algorithms are rarely applied, since the finite element struc- ture […]

Effective Calculation Method Based on a Reduction Scheme for Vibration Reduction

Sizing Optimization Using Response Surface Method in FOA

Integration of Topology and Shape Optimization in the Design Process

Usage of Optimization Tools in the Design Process at BMW

Integration of numeric simulation and optimization into the virtual product development

Structural Optimization Based on Discrete Elements

Deformation Of Finite Element Meshes Using Directly Manipulated Free-Form Deformation

Optimisation in Automotive Engineering – How parallel computing can save resources

Optimization of Car Components using MSC/CONSTRUCT

CAD and FEM: Theoretical Connections and Practical Links between two Design Tools


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