A Lesson on How to Design – and Sculpt – a Concept Car

by: Whet Moser 25 Feb 2016 | 35 views
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A Lesson on How to Design
Chicago Mag, February 2016


Designer Andre Hudson talks about the Hyundai Vision G Coupe Concept

We assign a lot of meaning to cars. Hummers, Camrys, and Jaguars all mean vastly different things that, for the most part, we can generally agree on. But what makes a car sensual? Or aggressive? Or sensible? Designers have to make many small decisions, small and large, to create those effects on us, all while dealing with the pressures of money and physics.

The Chicago Auto Show, which closes this weekend, is my yearly opportunity to get a glimpse into that process. This week I talked to Andre Hudson, a designer for Hyundai, about his job and his work on the company’s Vision G coupe, part of its new Genesis line.

Becoming a car designer was an early goal for Hudson. He fell in love with a Dodge in high school, wrote the company to learn how to become a car designer, studied at Detroit’s College of Creative Studies (sort of the Juilliard of car design), and went straight to work in the industry, first at GM and then at Hyundai. (He’s also one of the few African American car designers in the business.)

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