BMW designer connected to future of auto-evolution – Interview with Adrian van Hooydonk

by: Liz Dobson 22 Oct 2014 | 13 views
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BMW designer connected to future of auto-evolution
The New Zealand Herald, 22 October 2014.


Adrian van Hooydonk has to have one of the most diverse portfolios as a car designer, covering not only the Mini, but all the BMW range – including the i3 and i8 – plus Rolls-Royce and motorbikes.

The Dutchman joined BMW Group 20 years ago and since February 2009 has been senior vice-president of design, leading a 500-strong team.

What was the highlight of the Paris Motor Show?

It was the first time BMW Group had all our brands together in one hall, also the first time joint press conferences for all the brands. We are one of only a few manufacturers that offer mobility on both two wheels and four wheels […]

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