University Vs Design College

by: Luciano Bove 28 Jul 2010 | 6 views
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University Vs Design College
Luciano Bove, 23 July 2010


This week I received an email by an italian young student passionate of Car Design asking me for help. How do I become a car designer? I explained that first of all he had to show me few drawings just to understand his level of talent before telling him the all process to follow.

Few days later I received, by email, some sketches done by him and I found a certain talent! So, according to his motivation, I wrote him back telling him that he was elegible to try for an admission interview at design schools. I explained to prepare at least 15 drawings on a A3 format, plus his quick sketches and to go visit a short list of italian design schools.

(Source: Luciano Bove)

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