The Future Role of the Vehicle Designer

by: Car Design News 19 May 2010 | 815 views
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The Future Role of the Vehicle Designer
Car Design News, 14 May 2010.


The vehicle design department at the Royal College of Art hosted the second in a series of five lectures looking at the future of the profession last week. Moving on from the previous week’s topic of sustainability, this debate explored the future roles and responsibilities of the vehicle designer.

Head of department Dale Harrow began by posing the question “Is it time to rethink – do we still need the car?” Although still relevant, Harrow’s ultimate answer to this was that the profession was about to see marked change, with the end to era where “designers are locked behind closed doors in studios”. Skills in “strategy, conceptual understanding and communication” would be increasingly valued as the auto world shifted focus from one concerned with “how to” to a future where the question became “what to…?”

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