Review: SketchBook Pro (iPad)

by: Dalibor Dimovski 14 May 2010 | 831 views
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Review: SketchBook Pro (iPad)
Car Design Fetish, 14 May 2010.


When the Apple iPad was announced back in January, it seemed like a natural fit as a drawing tablet. While we knew that it may not have the fidelity of a Cintiq, we also knew that it wasn’t meant to be used the same way. Now that the tablet is out and the flood of software has begun, we were extremely excited to take the latest native version of SketchBook for a test drive.

Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro for the iPad aims to be quintessential on-the-go sketching app. I was a fan of the iPhone/iPod version, but couldn’t get past the size of the device to take sketching that small too seriously. With that said, SketchBook Mobile was still one of the best doodling apps on the iPhone and provided a nice diversion during long timing meetings. I was anxious to try out the iPad version, using it as a main purchase point for the iDevice.

(Source: Car Design Fetish)

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