Two-handed gesture-based car styling in a virtual environment

by: C. Hummels, A. Paalder, C. Overbeeke, P.J. Stappers (Delft University of Technology) and G. Smets (Heerlen Open University The Netherlands) 18 Apr 2010 | 7 views
Year: 1997 | Document Type: PAPER | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Two-handed gesture-based car styling in a virtual environment
Conference proceedings of the 30th International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation (ISATA), pp. 227-233, 1997, Automotive Automotion Limited, Croydon.


Virtual reality offers stylists the possibility to immediately sketch and model in 3D, combining the sketching and modelling stages of the design process. In this paper we describe MOVE ON, a new two-handed gesture-based Computer Aided Conceptual Design application for use in a virtual environment. The use of two-handed form-descriptive gestures to sketch and deform automobiles three dimensionally, gives the stylist an intuitive and natural way of styling. With MOVE ON, the stylist is offered a computer supported approach that respects his creative, expressive and skilful profession, by giving him expressive freedom, personal style and a method that fits his motor skills. The virtual environment stimulates direct interaction with the designs, tools and environment, thus creating an idea generation, presentation and evaluation tool. We are currently experimentally testing the feasibility of MOVE ON for conceptual design.

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