Car Design Glossary

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Car Design Glossary
Car Design News, July 2007.


Drawing is the basic language of designers, and is the time-honoured way in which a designer will communicate an idea. However, designers are often required to describe or explain their designs – and the work of others – in words, and for this, they need a vocabulary. The vocabulary they use is one whose origins stretch back to another era and to different disciplines, and which, with the now multi-cultural nature of the profession and advances in computer technology, is still growing.

David Browne, Course Director of Automotive Design at Coventry University School of Art & Design, has therefore set out to compile a definitive glossary of terms as an academic piece of research and has teamed up with CDN to help generate feedback on these terms from designers themselves. For instance, when does a feature line become a crease line? The terms are used somewhat indiscriminately but there should be a correct definition of some authority by now. Also, many studios have their own set of terms that are unique to that group of designers and modelers – how have these terms come about?

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