Basic theory about car design

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Basic theory about car design
Style4Cars, 21 August 2009.


A small collection of tips directed to make that the exposition of a project or simple sketch has more possibilities of success. The drawing is an act of communication of ideas, and the main tool for a designer who wants to shape on paper and to transmit the ‘soul’ of his projects.

Choosing the view

Depending on the detail or part of the car that you want to show, you have to chose an angle of view. But be careful not to overdone the angle of view when the car changes the proportions. Also very important is to show right the proportions of the car depending on the market level where it belongs. Like if is a super-mini, be sure that every person that looks at it will understand that you have draw a super-mini not a minivan or an off road vehicle. Also if the car is a tall one, be sure it shows.

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