Car designers at work, how is it?

by: Luciano Bove 29 Mar 2010 | 808 views
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Car designers at work, how is it?
Luciano Bove, 22 March 2010.


Some of you asked me recently to describe a day at work for a car designer and I promised I was going to write a hub about it. So here I am trying to write about this unknown working environment. First of all I want to say that to be a car designer is a very special thing always for all lucky people like me.

We are lucky simply because we had the opportunity to study what we love and ended up working for what we love, talent is the most important thing (no talent no job) and professional attitude is second most important thing to have to play the game correctly (discipline, be humble, hard work).

(Source: Luciano Bove)

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