The 1979 Opel Bitter Story

by: Dick Ruzzin 10 May 2014 | 84 views
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The 1979 Opel Bitter Story
Dean's Garage, April 17, 2014.


Design of the Opel Bitter CD at Opel Design in Russelsheim, Germany

Opel Design in November of 1971.

To understand the importance of Opel Design in the early seventies, it should be known that Opel produced more cars per year than Chrysler did in the United States.

All of the design came out of one small building that employed about sixty people, including exterior design, interior design, design engineering, a special projects shop, and the fabrication shop.

In retrospect, for those designers who worked in big companies, this design assignment was an amazing one-in-a-million opportunity for everyone involved; it would never happen again in their entire career. […]

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