Interview with Audi chief designer Stefan Sielaff

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Interview with Audi chief designer Stefan Sielaff
Deutsche Welle, 12 January 2010.


Audi’s chief designer says design is the key, even for ecological cars

Stefan Sielaff says that it will take time before electric and hybrid cars find acceptance. How important is automotive design in a world that is placing ever more significance on environmentally friendly propulsion? Deutsche Welle interviewed Audi’s chief designer, Stefan Sielaff.

Deutsche Welle: Mr. Sielaff, when people buy a car today, how important is the design?

Stefan Sielaff: For Audi it is the primary factor behind any purchase. I think that the entire decision-making process has shifted from the head to the heart in the last couple of decades. […]

(Source: Deutsche Welle)

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