Review: Sketchbook Mobile (iPhone)

by: Dalibor Dimovski 25 Jan 2010 | 821 views
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Review: Sketchbook Mobile (iPhone)
Car Design Fetish, 12 October 2009.


Anyone with an iPhone has probably downloaded one or two (or 8, in my case) sketching apps. Question: What do most of them have in common? Answer: They’re pretty bare-bones and basic, and do little to separate me from sketching on a sticky note. In fact, I haven’t found any real reason to sketch on the iPhone’s capacitive touch screen save for scribing in a reminder to buy milk and cucumbers on the way home.

I’ve used SketchBook Pro in the past, so when I read that Autodesk was releasing an iPhone version of the popular software I quickly had my interest piqued. But, could it make me reconsider my i-sketching habits?

(Source: Car Design Fetish)

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