Talking Design with Ken Okuyama

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Talking Design with Ken Okuyama
Automotive Design & Production, February 2002.


Automotive designer Ken Okuyama talks about current automotive designs and where the industry is going in the future.

Ken Okuyama talks about automotive design from a position of deep experience. Currently (2002) the Chair of the Transportation Design Department at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Okuyama has held senior design positions at Pininfarina, Porsche and GM.

Examples of his work run the gamut from the sleek Ferrari Rossa sports car to the Metrocubo, a practical box on wheels with dual sliding doors. AD&P sat down with Okuyama to get his thoughts on the current state of automotive design and where he thinks it’s going in the future.

(Source: Automotive Design & Production)

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