The Story Behind the Design of the New Nissan Z

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The Story Behind the Design of the New Nissan Z
Nissan Design Newsletter Volume 5.


Automotive design is a highly specialized process, as much of an art as it is a science. It is also often an intense competition among carefully selected exterior or interior design specialists. So when it came time to create the next generation of Nissan’s iconic Z – a completely original sports car that has come to symbolize Nissan – a competition was held. Only unlike normal Nissan design competitions, this one was open to anyone in Nissan’s design operations, regardless of title, specialty or experience.

The rules of the competition were simple. Entrants had to use free time outside work to prepare their designs. With its strong Japanese roots and blending of inner strength and delicacy, the shape of the Nissan Z has evolved over several generations. But each generation has retained the basic stance and air of the original, identifiable at a glance as a Z.

"We received over 100 sketches from around the world, all brimming with ‘Z-ness.’ No verbal explanation is needed to see that ‘Z-ness’ has been rooted in the mind of every designer," says Kazuki Yamazaki, the designer in charge of the Nissan Z exterior. The new Z design reflects the input and passion of these many contributors.

(Source: Nissan Press)

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