The interior design of the Nissan Teana

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The interior design of the Nissan Teana
Nissan Design Newsletter Volume 1.


Introducing the concept of "Modern Living" in a car, the first generation Nissan Teana was released in 2003. In contrast to previous models, the approach of mainly focusing on the inside of the car earned positive feedback from customers in and outside of Japan.

When creating the first Teana, Nissan’s designers conducted a thorough investigation into the lifestyle of Teana’s target users. They gave disposable cameras to around 30 prospective customers and asked them to take pictures of their favorite items in their homes – an learning process which has never been carried out before.

After developing and analyzing the pictures, it turned out that many customers were very design- conscious when it came to the interior of their homes and that the term "modern" was a significant concept to each one of them. The design keyword "Japanese Modern DNA" was derived from these findings and was eventually replaced by the theme "Modern Living".

(Source: Nissan Press)

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