Tesla Model S: Design Analysis

by: Style4Cars 15 Aug 2009 | 833 views
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Tesla Model S: Design Analysis
Style4Cars, 6 July 2009.


So one of the most important cars on the market at this moment, and not just because it is the very new model from Tesla the American company that builded the very first saloon electric car that you can own not just rent or lease.

As we decided from the very first article, in the design analysis of the cars featured here, we are not interested in anything more than the aesthetics of these cars. We don’t care if it is going to be a commercial success, or not, if it is too expensive, how fast, how many… so on. But in this article we are going to look a bit more to all this facts, because the Model S is such a new car in many ways that it is impossible to ignore the meaning of this first “real” electric car.

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