Sketching Mazda’s designs

by: Paddy Comyn 22 Mar 2009 | 4 views
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Sketching Mazda
Irish Times, May 2008


Mazda has turned to motoring journalists for inspiration for its new compact SUV. Paddy Comyn went to Amsterdam, armed with a pencil and eraser to lend his ‘expertise’.

We always figured that Mazda designers were a clever lot. They have scored some really outstanding successes over the years. The 323F of the late 1980s might have been dubbed the hairdresser’s Porsche, but it transformed the very dull small family car segment at the time. The MX-5 is a modern-day classic, now in its third-generation and the RX-7 and RX-8 sports cars are beautiful pieces of design.

Mazda consistently wins awards for its design studies, if not for its painfully annoying theme tunes as well as the rest. The Furai concept unveiled at this year’s North American Motor Show shows just how talented Mazda’s various design teams can be.

(Source: Irish Times)

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