Interview with Jay Shuster

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Interview with Jay Shuster
Alias Design, 14 March 2008.


Jay Shuster was born in Pontiac, Michigan. He attained a four year Industrial Design degree from CCS (College for Creative Studies) in 1993. Today, Jay is a concept artist at Pixar.

It is a bit of a full circle to reconnect with Jay Shuster. He worked at Alias Research briefly, his life had a lot in store for him, but nontheless, he contibuted to the team that gave birth to the paint technology at Alias Research that now lives in products like AliasStudio and SketchBook Pro. Jay left the company just before I joined, so I never had the opportunity to meet him until years later. Despite this, his name has always been familiar to me, whether it was through stories I’d heard from mutual friends or following his inspiring work in the industry.

(Source: Alias Design)

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