Design management for performance and style in automotive interior textiles

by: N.B. Powell (North Carolina State University) 26 Jun 2007 | 18 views
Year: 2006 | Document Type: PAPER | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Design management for performance and style in automotive interior textiles
The Journal of the Textile Institute Vol. 97 No. 1 pp. 25–37, 2006.


In the initial 100 years of automotive development, the comfort and safety of passengers have been greatly enhanced by functional textile products. The focus of this research is to describe the current issues affecting innovation in the industry, explore the design and development of new textile products within the transportation textiles supply chain, identify types of products in use, and identify market opportunities for new technologies. This research examines both the aesthetic and technical requirements for these high performance textiles in the US market.

The results identified the fabric characteristics for automotive interiors application and the changes in the market factors influencing the need for innovative products. The range of textile characteristics developed within performance and cost parameters considered are fabric constructions, pattern, color, hand, luster, and scale. The demand for rapid prototyping, cost effectiveness, and streamlining of supply systems was also identified.

The documentation and preservation of this knowledge is an important foundation for innovative materials and processes for the future. The results have implications for academic researchers and industry personnel in developing products to meet market demand.

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