Interview with David Cole

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Interview with David Cole
An interview published in November 2000 with Mr. David Cole, who was at that time Director of Industrial Design, Academy of Art College.


At the time of this interview automotive designer David Cole was the Director of Industrial Design for the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

He had previously worked for Volkswagen, Ford and Hyundai, including design work on VW’s New Beetle for which he received a Gold Award from the Industrial Design Society of America.

Some of Mr. Cole’s other high-profile projects in automotive design have included work on VW’s new Golf and Passat and Ford’s Fiesta Be-Bop, Mondeo, and Scorpio. In product design, he has worked on projects for Nike, Apple and Motorola.

At the Academy of Art, he was responsible for the undergraduate and graduate curriculum for the product, furniture, toy, and transportation design programs. He also developed a range of Alias classes to meet the ever-increasing CAD requirements for today’s designer, and he taught transportation and product design.

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