Interview with Toyota Auto Designer Simon Humphries

by: Richard Donovan 3 Feb 2007 | 805 views
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Interview with Toyota Auto Designer Simon Humphries
Japan Visitor - 2005.


Simon Humphries has been in Japan a long time – since 1988 – and has worked as a designer for Sony as well as Toyota. What makes him a bit special is the fact that he’s the only Western regular employee at Toyota’s headquarters in Toyota-shi near Nagoya – out of some 700 designers there. And while he is quick to downplay this uniqueness, he’s not been afraid to capitalise on it, to the benefit of both himself and Toyota. Now in his lateish 30s, he is currently responsible for Design Strategy for both the Toyota and Lexus brands.

Richard Donovan interviewed him at Toyota’s Technical Centre just before the commencement of the Tokyo Motor Show, at which Toyota and Lexus vehicles feature prominently.

(Source: Japan Visitor)

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