Modifications De Formes Complexes – Complex Shape Modifications

by: Patrick Bosinco, Grard Durand, Jacques Goussard, André Lieutier, Alain Massabo 28 Sep 2006 | 813 views
Year: 1998 | Document Type: PAPER | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Modifications De Formes Complexes
IDMME Conference, May 1998.


Generally speaking, Engineering in Reverse (EiR) is a process for generating a model from its properties. As there is often no biuniqueness between a model and its properties, an initializing model is required to start refinement in an EiR loop. It helps the user to solve complex problems having a high number of control parameters. One of its implementations could be used to control the shape of a model via target properties (Target Driven Design).

The modification of shapes is an important issue of computer-aided geometry whether to fit local/global aesthetic requirements, or engineering constraints. A modification operation has to satisfy certain criteria while keeping, or even improving, the original shape quality independently of its underlying representation.

This functionality is a good candidate for EiR. The algorithm that permits the elementary action of the forward branch of a EiR process is required. Such an algorithm could be implemented as a software component.

The purpose of this contribution is to show how MATRA DATAVISION addresses this issue. Since the work is related to a Brite-Euram project (FIORES), a brief overview of it will precede the presentation of a MATRA DATAVISION CAS.CADE component. The resulting functionality is, by far, a step ahead from what is available today on the market. A significant decrease in the final style tuning time can be expected.

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