Cranfield University Formula 1 team: an aerodynamic study of the cockpit

by: Luca Iaccarino, Dr. Philip Rubini 16 Dec 2005 | 27 views
Year: 2003 | Document Type: THESIS | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Cranfield University Formula 1 team: an aerodynamic study of the cockpit
Cranfield University 2003


The importance of aerodynamics to a modern Formula 1 racing car are quantified and illustrated through the design procedure of the cockpit models investigated in this study. This is one of five individual studies carried out on different aerodynamic components of a Formula 1 racing vehicle by the Cranfield University Formula 1 Team.. An overview of the how the FIA Formula 1 technical regulations influence the cockpit models to be designed as they are as well as the aerodynamic design considerations of aFormula 1 racing vehicle cockpit are given.

In recent years, increasing use is being made of computational methods to aid the understanding of the flow complexities around vehicles and as a result many areas of a car have been suitable for numerical solution. The aerodynamic lift, drag and flow characteristics of the six Formula 1 racing vehicle cockpits design configurations of this study were numerically investigated using the commercial code Fleunt CFD software in which the configurations included different engine intake designs as well as one cockpit with the side-pods. Some limitations encountered in this method due to the complexity of the design are also acknowledged.

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