What it takes to be a good Design student

by: Luciano Bove 10 Mar 2014 | 22 views
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What it takes to be a good Design student


In Car Design Education most of young fresh students believe that the hardest thing to accomplish is to be accepted at a good competitive design school!

“Hey to be accepted I had to go through a selection with interview and entry portfolio review, now I am in… I made it!”

You know what? In a way you are right, the first step is done and you did it, so congratulations!

What you do not know yet is that you just made the “first” step and many more are to come with an increase of difficulties that you cannot even imagine. This is the reason why today I’ll ask you to be good students all the way to the end!

However what does it mean to be good students?

Now follow me just to understand better…

(Source: Luciano Bove)

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