Work ethic, comic hero make Koreans hot shots in car design

by: Norihiko Shirouzu and Hyunjoo Jin 19 Nov 2013 | 28 views
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Work ethic, comic hero make Koreans hot shots in car design, November 18, 2013.


In today’s auto industry, where famed Japanese quality and durability are increasingly a given, design is king and, among designers, South Koreans are hot property.

From General Motors’ bold Chevrolet Camaro to the quintessential British gentlemen’s Bentley, more top models carry the flair and signature of a group of designers from South Korea, which some have dubbed “Asia’s Italy” for its impact on car design, fashion and aesthetics.

As competition in the industry becomes ever more cut-throat, partly as gaps in quality and technology narrow, automakers need bolder, edgier designs to differentiate. From a global talent pool, South Koreans stand out.

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