Large Displays in Automotive Design

by: William Buxton,George Fitzmaurice, Ravin Balakrishnan and Gordon Kurtenbach (Alias|Wavefront) 7 Feb 2005 | 13 views
Year: 2002 | Document Type: CONFERENCE PAPER | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Large Displays in Automotive Design
Conference Proceedings, 2002.


The ability to display and interact with large-scale representations of vehicles has always been a fundamental requirement of the automotive design industry. This requirement has traditionally manifested itself in a variety of media, including full-scale blueprints, tape drawings, and 3D clay models.

More recently, automotive design studios have begun to explore the use of large-scale digital displays in their design workflow.

We explore the traditional and current uses of large displays in automotive design and present new applications that make innovative use of large-format electronic displays.

(Source: CHI 2002)

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