Dirty Secrets Of Car Design

by: Thom Taylor 8 Feb 2013 | 51 views
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Dirty Secrets Of Car Design
Hot Rod Magazine, February, 2013


[…] If you want to design cars, and your talent, drive, and sense of humor are sufficient to get you into design school, instructors will warn you that the opportunity to design an entire car—as you see it in your mind—will not happen. There are myriad obstacles that wedge themselves into the process of creating a car, whether it be a one-off, such as Ashley Webb Taulbert’s roadster before you, or a car to be mass produced. The list of obstacles could fill an issue of HOT ROD.

Or two. The road bumps include Money, practical applications, production and assembly-plant restrictions, component and people packaging, ergonomics, owners’ opinions, designer and builder preferences, builder/clay modeler interpretation, builder expertise—and I’m just getting started.

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