Mays on design

by: Gary S. Vasilash 22 Nov 2011 | 12 views
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Mays on design
Automotive Design & Production -


A veteran designer talks about global design, national design and why he doesn’t follow trends.

With an automotive design career that includes standout work for Audi (AVUS concept, ’91) and Volkswagen (Concept One ’94), with positions in Ingolstadt (two stints, with the second including participation in the development of the TT), Munich (with BMW), Simi Valley (VW), and, since ’97, primarily, in Dearborn (for a while in the early part of this decade, Mays had an office at the Ford Ingeni studio in London, which was open from June ’02 to January ’04), J Mays, although still on the south side of 60, can be considered the dean of the Hogwarts School of Automotive Design, a man who is responsible for creating magic on wheels (and not simply on the physical highways and byways: he consulted on the cars in the original Cars film (’06)), and whose work has had truly global impact.

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