Nissan Micra Design Story

10 Sep 2011 | 22 views
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Nissan Micra Design Story
Nissan Design Newsletter Vol.15, 13 January 2011.


“With the March (also known as Micra), the project was a huge challenge for the design team, we had to travel a long way to reach the goal” said Makoto Yamane, Nissan’s Associate Product Chief Designer.

“Spending almost twice as much time on it compared to regular projects, but after achieving various breakthroughs the design was finally realized.”

Since its debut in 1982, the March has become an iconic lovable car , especially by customers in Japan and the Europe, and successive models have made it a remarkable long-seller among domestically-produced cars.

In particular, the second and succeeding models, with their bubbly form, have been popular and a constant hit with female users.

Along with its superb usability and drivability, this rounded form has become an easily recognizable part of the March’s identity.

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